Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Note of Thanks for More Friends of Mineral Town Guides

Dear Freyashawk, I know the Harveat Moon(MFoMT) FAQs were done long ago and you probably don't remember them at all, but only early last year did I come across them and my cousin and I found them extremely useful.I only remembered to e-mail you this year though.All I really want to say is Thank You so much for them.I can see how much effort you put into them and my friends think that you are great!I would appreciate it if you would reply to tell me that you have received my e-mail.

A fellow HM lover,

My response:

Dear Sarah,

In fact, I am planning to work on my guides for FoMT and MFoMT again as soon as I finish my guides for HM Cute DS. Harvest Moon games, however old, are always worth revisiting and More Friends of Mineral Town remains a favourite of mine.
Thank you for your email!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanks from Dewdee

Hi! Im also a fan of harvestmoon,and honestly your FAQs and cheats help me. When my brother introduce me the harvestmoon game on GBA I really became addicted to it! Then he told me that i should find cheats in order for me to play it good, and i choose yours. I finished playing HMFT, HMMFT,. I just want to thank you for such information!

My response: You are most welcome. I don't really consider my guides to be 'cheats' although I will include any and all 'exploitation devices' I discover in any Harvest Moon game, such as ways to control the weather or to make money quickly, always using methods that are programmed into the game itself. Players should not employ real cheats such as 'codes' from Gamesharks and so on in Harvest Moon games, because it can ruin the game completely. Harvest Moon games are NOT linear in nature and results depend on many different factors. A code does not take that into consideration. It is a 'shortcut' that will lack a number of vital components. Not a question of ethics so much as obtaining the results that you really want.

N.B. I think HMFT refers Friends of Mineral Town and HMMFT refers to More Friends of Mineral Town.