Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanks from Alyssa


I got a later start on Harvest Moon than most people...while everyone was talking about Magical Melody's upcoming release, I had just discovered MFoMT. With all of the talk about the newer games, and me struggling to make myself known in HM forums, it was more than a little difficult to get some of the information I needed for the game I was playing. Your guides for MFOMT for were lifesavers for me! I progressed well through that game and ended up rich, married, and with a kid and a highly developed farm.

Well, what happens to many happened to me--I got hooked on HM! Unfortunately, I tend to be a minimalist if I don't know any better...and reading your guides helped me know better! If it was up to me, my biggest goal in most HM games would be to get married and then I would probably throw it aside and wait for the next game to come out. However, I read your general guide for the game before playing (I'm kinda going backwards with the series, I just bought HM3 for the GBC) and it helps me out a lot! You've probably saved me from throwing my DS in the trash on multiple occasions when I couldn't figure out how to win Keira over.

Anyways, just wanted to drop you a virtual line and say "Keep it up!" Now that I'm more established in Harvest Moon message boards and someone asks me a question to which I don't know the answer, your guides are the first I check, becasue they are so thorough! I from experience know that it's not easy to write them, and it's very time consuming, but, at the expense of sounding corny, you're actually very inspiring to me.

Keep writing! I know I speak for a lot of people when I say we really appreciate your hard work!

Thanks from Magical Melody players...

Hi thanx for ur totally awsome faq on harvest moon: magical melody ^__^ this thanx is from me and my lil sis. I would love it if u would reply back :D from ur apriciating fan WILL ^.^

Thanks for Animal Crossing Wild World Guide

I would like to thank you greatly for the Animal Crossing Tips and Tactics page you have published. There were so many things that I had no idea you could do or collect. Now I see animal crossing in a different light as I have more stuff to do instead of just fishing and catching bugs!!!

Thanx once again

Thanks for General Guide for HM Cute DS

Hey, Freyashawk. I just wanted to drop an e-mail saying that I read your guides and they are brilliant, for the Harvest Moon DS and DS Cute games. I have never read any guide like it, and I ab-so-lutely love it. They're just so amazing and detailed. =D

And, a question about the Harvest Moon DS Cute General guide: why isn't there a table of contents? I'm too lazy to Ctrl-F and weed through every word that has to do with "Gustafa" or something. XDD

Other than that, again, your guides are amazing. When I started reading, I was too lazy to read it through. But when I did, MAN. Awesome. And then I saw you had one for Virtual Villagers: A New Home. Duude, you are my hero. ^^

So yeah, this is just a fan-mail and I'd like it if you could reply some time between now and next century. Once again, you're my hero for making these guides. Or else I'd have to go through sucky guides that barely give you any information, or copy it directly off of some site. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THEM. <3


My response: Thanks for your vote of confidence in me. As for Cute, I didn't realise I never wrote a ToC for that guide. As soon as I have time, I will remedy that. So much to do...