Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks from Cindy

Hello again. I had to write to you again and let you know how invaluable your guide has been to my daughter and myself. I even bought an online guide, but I find your guide the best. You go into such great detail. It is really awesome how much work you have put into this guide. I know that you are an avid Harvest Moon fan, and I am hoping that you have played the new game: "Little King's Story". If you have worked up a guide to this game, could you plz forward the address to me. My fingers are crossed that you play this game. I want to finish...ha, ha, ha,....the Rune Factory Frontier game before I begin this new game, and I know your guide would be very helpful. While I have been surfing the web trying to find guides, I located a site and I thought of you. It is a used input site, and I can see your talent being put to great use at this site: strategywiki. Let me know if you do become involved in the site, so I can make sure to see your work.

Thanks again for you invaluable guides!!! They are truly awesome!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Thanks from Ralph

Hi I'm Ralph, and I've been a major Harvest moon fan since it's beginning days in Super Nintendo :D

I was pretty young though back then, and as you grow older you don't keep up with the things that you adored when you were younger. It was always Mario and Harvest Moon for me. haha

I've been on and off with the series and I've only recently just started playing again with Harvest Moon Island Of Happiness, and I am amazed by all of your walkthroughs! I've use them plenty of times when I'm in trouble, and I only wish that I had more time to be able to keep up and play the series as well because I use to be a crazy Harvest Moon fan.

Anyways, just saying thanks for taking time for your walkthroughs and guides and blogs, they're amazing!