Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks from Ana

In my experience, no one ever gets thanked enough.

So, thanks. My mother, sister and I have been using your guides for quite awhile, myself especially. You have no idea how much your guides have kept me from restarting all of my hard work due to a silly error like I used to before I stumbled across your guides.

I've used your guides for Harvest Moon games, on the GameCube (Another Wonderful Life), Gameboy (More Friends of Mineral Town), Gameboy DS (Cute, Rune Factory) as well as your Sims 2 guides.

I used to get so annoyed at having to restart over and over, especially with Cute and Rune Factory. The games were so hard on my own, and I literally had no idea what I was doing! I was going crazy until I googled the games and stumbled onto your guides. I was having trouble with everything from wooing bachelors (or bachleorettes in the case of Rune Factory) to making money and befriending people until I found your guides.

Now thanks to you, I'm rich, happily married in each of the Harvest Moon games, and have children.

I know how long those guides take, having written a few on various games on my own, so I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the efforts!

Thank you so much for writing those guides! I hope you continue to write them, especially as the new Harvest Moon games come out! (Go Island of Happiness!) I hope that we can rely on you to pull us out of the mud, keep us from destroying either the game or the system itself (and believe me, I was tempted!!) and let us enjoy the games!

Thanks! :D


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Fan of Naruto Writes...


My name is sasukegal4593 and I just want to say thank you for making all of the Harvest Moon guides. ^-^ They really did help me out a bunch. I had gotten Harvest Moon Cute yesterday and started playing it. Being the wierdo that I am, I read the players book before playing and saw Skye and I was all, "He's soooo got! That's the one I'm gonna marry!! >///<" So, when I got home, I popped in the cartridge into my DS and started playing. I looked in vain for a hourse looking for Skye. I eventually got fed up with the game and went out into the garage to look for my More Friends of Mineral Town game. I found my box for it, just not my game. . . so, I still don't know where it is and I plan on looking later today. . . so, anyways, then when I finally got done looking (my garage is wreck, anyways n.n') I popped my game back in and started looking for Skye again. With no luck, I finally got frustrated and asked my grandmother if I could use her computer to look up cheats to find Skye. See, right now, I'm at the library on my laptop, using fast wi-fi. But at home. . . Nanny's computer is dial up and her computer is old, so it took FOREVER to even get it connected. I'm a very impatient person, so I wanted to find the information I wanted fast and I wanted to find all the information I needed in one place. I found where you made a complete guide and was overly delighted. ^-^ I not only found out what I needed to about Skye, but everything else I needed. Currently, I'm sitting in the library with my DS next to me to play while I'm downloading anime.

I really can't say thank you enough for making all of the Harvest Moon guides. You must really love the game. ^-^ I bought my first Harvest Moon game, More Friends of Mineral Town, about 2 or 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. However, like I said before, due to my forgetfullness, I've lost it and have to find it again. In MFOMT, I married Gray on my first file and Doctor in my second.

One thing that I had a lot of trouble with was figuring out how to watch TV. That really should have been a commen sense thing for me, but I kinda lack common sense, so I was happiful when I read your guide. ^-^

I'm sorry if I dragged this letter on and on, but I know how much it must mean to you to hear from those that use your guides. See, I'm not sure if your into anime, but I write a Naruto love fanfiction ( Naruto Wolf Angel Chronicles, and I always enjoy recieving emails from those that read my story.

Anways, thank you again