Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanks from Cindy

Hello again. I had to write to you again and let you know how invaluable your guide has been to my daughter and myself. I even bought an online guide, but I find your guide the best. You go into such great detail. It is really awesome how much work you have put into this guide. I know that you are an avid Harvest Moon fan, and I am hoping that you have played the new game: "Little King's Story". If you have worked up a guide to this game, could you plz forward the address to me. My fingers are crossed that you play this game. I want to finish...ha, ha, ha,....the Rune Factory Frontier game before I begin this new game, and I know your guide would be very helpful. While I have been surfing the web trying to find guides, I located a site and I thought of you. It is a used input site, and I can see your talent being put to great use at this site: strategywiki. Let me know if you do become involved in the site, so I can make sure to see your work.

Thanks again for you invaluable guides!!! They are truly awesome!


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