Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks from Jenelle

I've been using them for almost every Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game I own. I'd like to thank you so much for making these, they're always a gigantic help when I get stuck. I find myself looking up your FAQ's and Walkthroughs when I'm in a tight spot more often than not, haha. But seriously, thank you for all the wonderful help you've given the Harvest Moon fans of the world. Please keep it up! ^-^
A fellow fan of Harvest Moon
And a Fan of You,

P.S.: How do you pronounce Freyashawk? Is it like "Freya's Hawk" or "Freya-Shawk"? This has been bugging me for awhile ^-^"
P.S.S.: Thank you for putting up with my Shenanigans.

My response to the question: It's Freya's Hawk. Freya, the old Northern goddess, had a cloak made of hawk feathers which allowed her to fly. Using the internet is similar to being able to fly... thus Freyashawk. I first used the name when I created levels for a game entitled 'Claw' about a Pirate Cat.

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