Sunday, January 10, 2010

Animal Parade Thank You

Ok well, this isn't really a question but I kinda wanted to thank you for all of your guides. They really help me and I got a new Harvest Moon game and it is awesome!!! I really LOVE Harvest moon games. Really I love them as much as mabey I mean I don't make awesome guides like you do I mean I don't eat the games super fast and blog about it cause I don't have enough info. about them. Well I'm not gonna waste your time anymore but I do wanna say thanks. I don't think I could have gotten the blue or the yellow bell in AP and I wouldn't have been able to get married to wizard(=HOT) or married Candace in ToT. So thank you!!! And just sayin wizard is sexy like you wrote on harvest moon forever .com (=FAVORITE WEB SITE) well once again... thank you.

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