Friday, January 11, 2008

Do you use your own guides?

I want to say thank you for giving us day to day guide about Harvest Hoon DS. I
have a question though. Do you like memorize all the dates/the events or do
you go up and look at the internet?

My response to the question:
Dear Jennifer,

My guides ALL are based on my own game journals. Whenever I play any game, I keep a detailed journal. In fact, that was the basis of my very first game guide for FoMT. I then decided that a calendar would be a good idea to help me remember events and birthdays. That was the basis of my first Events Guide...

So to answer your question, yes, I do use my own guides! It is one of the reasons I created them in the first place. Whenever I find something helpful in my own games, I use it to create a new type of guide... My General Guide is a good source for players who never played the game before. The Events guides are good even for advanced players because they can remind you of an event or birthday that you may have forgotten. There is so much to remember at any given moment in Harvest Moon!

I don't go to the internet though. I have the guides on my computer.

Good luck!

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