Friday, March 28, 2008

Courting Kai in Cute ...

Hello, I would like to start off by saying thank you very much for you guides on They have been very helpful so far. I did have a question if you wouldn't mind answering. I was wondering if Kai is ever around thoughout the months other than summer. If you have a chance to respond I would appreciate it. Thanks again for the guides!


Dear Stephanie,

I am glad that you find my guides helpful. It is kind of you to mention it. Too many players simply email me with 'Yo, dude! How do you find...?'

The answer to your question is that Kai only visits the Valley during the Summer. Although this makes courtship a longer process in OTHER Harvest Moon games like Harvest Moon Boy & Girl and More Friends of Mineral Town, in Cute he is the easiest Mineral Town bachelor to court and in fact, you should have him at deepest red heart by the beginning of the second summer and be able to marry him before he leaves at the end of that season.

He is easy to please as well. Give him a bag of flour and he will be very happy. A Pineapple is his Most Favourite gift, though and if you give him a Pineapple each day, you will have no trouble marrying him in the 2nd summer.

Remember that the other Mineral Town bachelors visit the Valley only one day each week which means a maximum of 4 visits per season and 16 per year. Kai is in the Valley for 30 days in Summer each year. In other words, you can raise his heart level twice as quickly as any other bachelor from Mineral Town.

Good luck with your game! Kai is even more attractive in Cute than in any other Harvest Moon game that includes him. His Fourth Heart Event overwhelmed me frankly and marriage to Kai is delightful. You will find the text of all his Heart Events, Marriage Proposal and Wedding Event in my Courtship and Marriage Guide in the Text section, although you probably would rather be surprised by experiencing them 'new'. The schedule of his Heart Events as well as his likes and dislikes is included in the section that deals specifically with Kai.


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