Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thanks and Questions about Cute


I was reading your walkthrough on (all of yours about Harvest Moon are really great by the way. I've read the one for AnWL as well!) and I just had a few questions. It would be great if you could answer them!

1. Can you marry someone from the Mineral Town bachelor list without actually having the game?

2. Is there a way to buy extra land like in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody?

3. Is the Best Friends system available for this game too?

4. What does the Witch Princess' Gift actually do?

Thanks so much freyashawk! I really appreciate it.

My response: I am glad you find my guides helpful. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. If you do not insert a cartridge of FoMT or MFoMT into the DS, you will not be able to unlock the visits of the Mineral Town characters either in Cute or in the original HM DS. This will make it impossible to court and marry them. You will 'meet' them only when you order items by telephone from Mineral Town. I always have inserted the cartridge and as a matter of fact, in the test cartridge I was sent initially, the Mineral Town characters had been unlocked by the previous user, rather annoyingly, because the Mineral Town game appeared to have been unplayed. The reason I assume this to be the case was because the tombstone, which usually will have the name of your rancher from Mineral Town on it, simply declared: Rancher X or something like that. I need to confirm Kai's position with Natsume actually or try to start a game without inserting the GBA cartridges but I believe Kai could be an exception. It seems to me that you could court him if you do not have FoMT or MFoMT because he has the stall on the beach during the summer season and one of the Festivals is based on that.

2. You cannot 'buy' extra land but you can use any public land. Perhaps I should add a new section to my guide about that, although I believe it is mentioned in various sections of the General Guide. ANY tillable land can be used by your character. In fact, crop growth time depends on the location of the land, and my Guide does include this information as well as how quickly crops will grow in each location. There is a 'Super Field' behind the Waterfall where everything grows more quickly than it would anywhere else on the map.

When you hire the Sprite Team to tend to your crops either by watering or harvesting, you must choose the location where you want them to work, with the exception of the Super Field. This makes it easier to grow crops in more than one location. You can hire Sprites to water a public field where you have planted crops while you tend to your own field... or whatever. Personally, I find it better to upgrade crops in HM Cute DS than to plant too many plots everywhere. There is a Sprite who will be rescued when you have shipped an enormous quantity of items, but other than that, more money is made by shipping upgraded crops or selling the seeds for them to Van...

3. There is no 'Best Friend' option in the English version of the game. I have tried to make this clear by stating that, although the Heart Events for the Magical Girls have been retained, they 'lead' nowhere and no longer have any 'courtship' significance. Sad but true. There are political factions that could have blown it out of proportion and made it into an issue... unfortunately, there always are those who are eager for any 'witch hunt'.

4. If you keep the gift of the Witch Princess in your rucksack overnight, you will gain points towards your Farming Degree. You do need to ship one in order to complete your shipping list, but there are many different ways to obtain these gifts, so you should have no problem with that. In HM DS and Cute DS, there are a number of items that must be shipped to complete the Shipping List even though they have little or no monetary value. You need to ship one of each of the Cooked Items as well.

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