Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thanks for Advice about Littering

thats what i was doing! thank yo sooooooooo much!!! you rock! wrote:
Here's a link to my site:

Links to all my guides, (including my Courtship and Marriage Guide with a section devoted to Skye, his heart events and so on), are given on the right side of the page.

First of all, it's not a 'cheat' to change your outfit. It should give an AP boost to every bachelor, including Skye. You should have a Love Bangle so you can see his precise AP and FP levels when you speak to him. You can buy that at the Casino.

The best item to give him before you can cook his favourite curry is any toiletry from the Excavation Site, so you have been giving the right gifts. If his heart level hasn't changed at all, you must be littering. Littering will decrease AP and FP, and even bring it down to zero...

You cannot throw or drop ANY item, including weeds, even by accident and even on your own land. If you do, you will be littering and every one's affection and friendship can drop.

Good luck!

NOTE FROM FREYASHAWK: I am posting this here because this is only one email among many from a player desperate because she kept losing AP with her heart's desire. Once again: you cannot throw or drop ANY item on the ground, even on your own land, in Harvest Moon DS or Cute DS.

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