Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks from Viv

Just a thanks to you and everyone who tore this game APART and documented it for everyone else. I'm knee-deep in HM DS (though not very good at it!) and would be utterly lost without your Guides, which I pull up ALL the time.

Wonderful documentation. I'm a little obsessed with this game, and if not for you I'd still be planting one bag of seeds on each plowed square and probably not have gotten into any of the mines yet.

Your effort is very appreciated by this old gamer. I'm almost 50, and my kids got me hooked on Pokemon, then Chibi Robo, and my new fave is HM. You've made it so much better!


My response:
Dear Viv,
Games like Harvest Moon are addictive at any age and well worth the trouble, in my view. Thank you for your email.

Best wishes,

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